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003 Noise Layers Without Adding File Size

Create noise and dithering using Layer Effects and Modes.
For Photoshop v6 to present.

noise without increasing file size. Layer effects and adjustment layers can be tricked out to add random noise on the fly. Ever use the Inner Glow Jitter Slider? Have you ever used Dissolve mode? Here you will find a practical application for them.

Download Noise Layer Actions

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April 16th, 2007
Photoshop CS3 Released!!!

Smart Filters can now be used to assign non-destructive noise filters to Smart Objects. You can even edit it’s Blending Options. Try it out!

Legacy Comments:

Greg - at last! advanced techniques and knowledge aimed at professional retouchers, thankyou so much.

I have found these low file size noise layers (none of which I knew about) fascinating and have already used them already. I found your  "Modulating noise map" also interesting for analysing retouching and posterisation on flat areas and would like more information on how you arrived at this.

Brilliant - I for one have been very interested by all this - MORE please keep it up
Thursday, November 2, 2006 - 12:18 PM

Adding Noise

I do not know if it's to late to add a comment, but since I use
noise in my photoshop alot. It is nice to see that someone took the time to make action script to help time and file size. I never knew about size noise layers can be cut in half after watching this pod cast. Thanks for your time in explaining the mechanics in your podcast. Hope to see some new stuff from your podcast soon!

Monday, February 19, 2007 - 10:17 PM